Jobs With a Law Degree

Jobs With a Law Degree – By having a list of obtainable jobs with a law degree, you can narrow down which career you want to pursue. The jobs you can get with a law degree range from paralegals to litigation attorneys. These jobs also require good communication and writing skills. In this article, we discuss jobs you can get with a law degree, as well as state their respective salaries and responsibilities.

Jobs With a Law Degree


Primary duties: An attorney supervises a paralegal and their work, and the paralegal’s primary responsibility is to support the attorney. Paralegals help lawyers build cases that suit the needs of their clients. This position requires strong research skills. You must also have excellent communication skills since part of your job involves connecting with clients and conducting interviews.

Paralegals also locate witnesses for court proceedings when necessary. If you want to be a paralegal, expect to use your writing skills to summarize depositions and testimonies.

Law enforcement officer

Primary duties: The main responsibilities of law enforcement officers involve protecting neighbourhoods and citizens. These jobs are ideal for those with law degrees because they require knowledge of both laws and legislation. These professionals write citations, patrol communities, and arrest those who break the law.

If you’re interested in this career choice, be sure to look at the qualifications necessary in your province. Many provinces have their own regulations for becoming law enforcement officers, as do national officers.


Primary duties: Mediators typically aim to resolve the conflict between two individuals. Mediators must be impartial and unbiased when interacting with these parties. They must ensure that all parties involved understand the agreed upon solution and its terms. For those looking to work in this field, it’s important to know that the outcome of the meetings is beyond the control of the mediator. They are available to provide support and to help the parties reach a conclusion.